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About Your Trainer - Julia Priest
About me:
What's different about me? I don't have a "method." There is no one right way to deal with every dog. Because of my experience and knowledge  raising and training my own dogs to the highest levels and helping others over the years, I have a lot of tools in my kit. I have an exceptional ability to understand what your dog needs in order to be able to learn  and cooperate with you. A technique that might be great for me and my dog may not be suitable for you and yours. Having access to many tools and methods is what allows me to customize your training so the outcome is consistent: your success.

​I have been training dogs for more than 30 years. From handling a police K9 in service to working with and helping to train K9 Search and Rescue teams to competing successfully in many dog sports, I have a broad base of experience and knowledge in not only  training exercises and skills, but also understanding dog behavior.

Whether you want to compete or just have a better relationship with your dog, I will help you identify the source of problem behavior and work with your dog so you can get back to enjoying the human- animal bond.
Some accomplishments:

 • Police K9 handler both patrol and evidence 

  • Front and Finish® Obedience Gold & Platinum Awards of Excellence 

 • United Schutzhund Clubs of America Master Sports Medal in Gold since 1996  

 • AKC, ASCA and UScA Obedience, Tracking, and Schutzhund titles including CD CDX UD TD TDX Bh Fh FH2 FH Champion, and IPO 1, 2 and 3 on multiple dogs with multiple placements and Highs in Trial

 • UScA North American FH Champion, North American SchH2 Champion, Regional SchH3 Champion 

 • Bred, trained and titled multiple GSDCA Performance Award of Merit recipients 

 •   Represented the US at the FCI World Tracking Championship in Germany 

Commendation for service on Lodi Animal Shelter Commission  
​Training and behavior consultant for numerous Shelters and Rescues

Meghan Hersey
"Julia is one of a kind in the art of dog training. If you are looking for a competent trainer that truly cares about coaching handlers through the ins & outs of training "man's best friend" then look no further. She is patient and thorough in her training. You will never leave a lesson feeling confused or overwhelmed but rather confident and accomplished. Julia's resume speaks for itself but just in case it doesn't, trust those that have had the honor of working with her first hand."

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