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Are these problems you are having with your dog? 

  •   Jumping on people                                             Barking for attention        
  •   Pulling on the leash                                            Bolting out the door
  •   Lunging at other dogs                                        Not coming when called 
  •  ​Scratching, barking at the door                         Not Listening 
  •  Destructive chewing                                           Chasing bicycles, skateboards or cars      

Help is on the way!  In-home training has many benefits:

  • No having to load up the car and take your dog to a class with a group of unruly dogs in the same boat as yours. 
  • No more having to rush to make it to class when you're tired, or miss your child's soccer game because that's the only time the class is offered.          
  • Appointments are made around your schedule. At your convenience, in your home With family members present or by yourself, as you wish.