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Customized Training 
Private Coaching 
Whether you are just starting out and want to earn your first obedience or tracking title, or are currently involved in sport and are stuck on retrieves or heel position, I can help you with that. Having trained and titled multiple dogs* at the highest levels in both IPO and AKC Obedience & Tracking I have an eye for the rough spots and love to help fix them. I am especially skilled at addressing the core issues in behavior problems so that handlers can achieve harmony with their dogs, whether SAR, police K9s,  service dogs or competition companions.
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Personalized training for behavior  problems. 

From " Just won't listen" to " Goes crazy on a leash when he sees another dog,"  help is at hand. With tools and guidance, most behavior problems are not difficult to resolve. You will wonder how you lived with them for so long when you find how readily your dog will respond to good training with  an expert coach.

Puppies up to 5 months should get a great start in life and learn how to learn. Nipping, jumping, bolting out doors and stealing items are not just annoying, they are the foundation of how the puppy learns to behave in his home. Start him out right and you won't have a lot to "break" him of later. I prefer to build a great dog. 

The "teenage years." Dogs go through the same sorts of developmental stages that humans do, but at an accelerated rate. What happens in children in two decades takes only months in dogs, and if you aren't on it from the beginning you soon find your adorable little pupper is now a rebellious teenager.

​Adults with longstanding issues. Even habits or behaviors that have been going on for years can be changed when you learn how to change your behavior as well. Never give up. Get help.

Serious aggression issues such as resource guarding  require  greater diligence and care. A program will be devised to suit your needs.

In Home Training 

It is the gold standard for training when issues occurr in the home.

It begins with a consultation where I can see what’s going on, and meet you and your dogs. I will give you a thorough evaluation and then devise a package suited to your issues. I’ll make a program which includes additional home visits, as well as “ Field Trips” to various locations where problems occur, such as parks, businesses, the vet’s office, or even a friend’s home..